Transforming the way we value water

Through innovation and collaboration

A Better Way to Water Trade



"Ideas for accelerating change around water"

- Our latest, award winning book

2016 Water/Energy Nexus Hackathon
Damned If We Don’t!
Waterpreneur’s Dilemma

The Water Innovation Project is a leadership hub and idea accelerator…

…with a mission to transform the way we value water through innovation and collaboration. We work with water technology firms, current and future leaders in the water industry and develop our own projects.

Our Services

  • Idea Accelerator

    We love ideas – and we love seeing those ideas come to life even more! In addition to our own projects, we help others with theirs. Have a project, event or even company in mind? We can help you formulate your ideas into actionable plans.

  • Leadership Hub

    Ready to work with other leaders? Need to engage with a like-minded tribe to accelerate change around water? Join us on our mission as we transform an industry through Innovation and Collaboration!

  • Igniting Leadership

    Developing leaders is critical to the future success of the water industry. This is why we support so many leaders, and programs like WEF’s Water Leadership Institute. With more than a decade of Executive Coaching and Training experience in the water sector, we can create the right coaching, career planning or training program for you and your company.

  • Publishing

    Ready to build your own thought leadership brand? In addition to our own works, we help authors publish their writings. Have an idea you want to share with the world? Whether its a short form article or full-length book, we can help you through the process of building your thought leadership brand and even publish your work through our own Water Anthology Press.

Our Projects

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